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Professional and dirty windows don’t go well together. Large windows, glass doors or dividers do an excellent job at giving your office a sleek look, ensuring proper lighting, and creating the illusion of space. The cleanliness of your panes, however, is also vital for your company’s image. Regular commercial window cleaning can ensure that your business’ appearance is impeccable.

Dan’s Window Cleaning is here to give your company the pane cleaning service you deserve, custom crafted to fit your needs. With our quality services, your company will look it’s best inside and out.

Want weekly, monthly, or annual services? Our team is up for the job, even if it is only for a one-time clean. It makes no difference what business you’re in, either. As long as you have glass, we’re ready to make it sparkle.

An Expert’s Strategy for Clean Windows

“Average” doesn’t cut it for the Dan’s Window Cleaning team. We always use top-grade cleaning solutions and tools to thoroughly clean your panes. This specialized equipment gives us the ability to deliver crystal clear results to each window. We have a few simple goals: To make your windows transparent, streak-free, and completely clean. This means that we clean the glass methodically – but we also take care of the tracks, sills, and grid, too.

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Clean Windows Support Better Business

Dan’s Window Cleaning brings a new perspective to your windows. Our crystal clean results offer:

  •  It Saves You Money: Our technicians know exactly how to take care of your panes and what products to use to ensure their longevity. Even certain scratches can be cleared up, leaving the glass in your office look brand new.
  • Exterior Cleaning: It is essential to keep your windows clean on both side, and Dan’s Window Cleaning team is up for that job. We can provide commercial window cleaning services for buildings as high as four stories, and ensure your panes get a good polish
  •  Let More Sunlight Through Your Windows: Clean windows can brighten up the office and allow more sunlight into the building. That can improve staff morale and general ambiance in your company


  • Boost Your Property’s Curb Appeal: Spotless, shiny glass will offer your business the professional look it needs to inspire confidence for your customers and clients
  •  Frames, Sills, and Screens Need to Be Regularly Cleaned Too: For us, that’s not a problem. Our commercial window washing services does not stop at the glass panels. We take care of all the elements of your panes and leave them looking like new.

At Dan’s Window Cleaning we understand the importance of your business’ overall physical appearance, and our goal is to leave your panes spotless and sparkly. Our team is highly trained and uses the best tools, and techniques to do the job right. We stay away from off-the-shelf cleaning products and exclusively use high-quality tools that help make your glass shine.

Your workplace is in great hands with Dan’s Commercial Window Cleaning Denver. Give us a call, and we’ll handle the rest!

Why Choose Dan’s Window Cleaning?

Our team of professional cleaners uses only top-grade cleaning solutions and tools. We take pride in giving our clients spotless panes every time we’re on the job: transparent, streak-free, and 100% clean. Your tracks, sills, and grid are also in good hands; Dan’s Window Cleaning offers the A to Z commercial window cleaning service experience.

If we’re tasked with cleaning at your workplace, we will:

● Be there on time. No missed appointments or delayed schedules. We are there when you want us to be;

● Leave the window glass and frames spotless;

● Minimize inconveniences. We make sure our equipment is out of reach, and our activity doesn’t cause any inconveniences;

● Clean up the work area. After completing the job, we make sure to collect all equipment and debris before leaving your place;

● Custom schedule. We’ll make sure the appointments are scheduled when they best suit you and our company.

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What We Do

As a family-owned and operated business, we are driven to leave you 100% satisfied. It’s an outcome you can rely on, guaranteed.

Whether you’re a large business or a small home, we can provide window Washing, gutter cleaning, pressure washing and more, to make your property look good as new once again. We provide the “wow” factor for all of your property’s needs. From window cleaning to exterior washing, Dan’s Window Cleaning produces great results, quickly and easily.

We understand your needs. We know that you’re busy. You have so many things to do that cleaning your windows or gutters is the last thing on your list. We also know that you need to care for and protect your home. After all, it’s your most valuable asset.

We have a simple booking process and stellar customer service so you can easily get an estimate and schedule an appointment. When you call us, we’re already prepping for the job and schedule your project right away. We take pride in the quality of our services, our highly-trained staff, and professional grade equipment. After nearly a decade in the industry and hundreds of satisfied customers throughout Lafayette, Broomfield and Denver, we’re proud to combine a personable, friendly touch with our larger-than-life results.


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