Scott Carpenter Park

Scott Carpenter Park

Named after aquanaut and astronaut Scott Carpenter, this recreation center offers an outdoor pool, skate park & playgrounds. A 50-meter pool, leisure pool, splash pad, diving platform, and climbing wall appeal to swimmers of all ages and abilities.

The skatepark features tons of big obstacles, quarter pipes, great ledges, and slants. Longboarders love this park too! Read this first!


The verts at Scott Carpenter Park Boulder CO are a skateboarder’s paradise. This 21,000-square-foot cement skatepark features a variety of vert transitions and large bowl areas. It is surrounded by graffiti and artwork making it one of the most unique and creative skateparks in Boulder.

The trail at this park offers a perfect lunch break escape into a natural oasis in the city. Wander along the babbling Boulder Creek, beneath the shade of evergreens and aspens, and past several sports arenas.

Start your journey at the Scott Carpenter Park trailhead off 30th Street. Track the path southwest and enjoy your journey alongside a green oasis. The path is well-maintained and a perfect walk for all seasons.


CU Boulder’s Gateway Park Fun Center offers mini golf, an arcade, go-karts and batting cages, and good old-fashioned family fun.

The large clover bowl has a bunch of different shapes to drop into, allowing longboarders to hit a lot of speed in the back of the bowl and sling around the corners. There are also a bunch of quarter pipes, great ledges, and slants to ride. The locals were annihilating this place!

The Pearl Street Arts Fest in early July showcases sculptors, photographers, and painters. Kids will love the Mobile Art Lab. Then head to Rincon Argentino for a simple meal of grilled meats and Argentinian cheeses. Here is another spot to visit.


The site for this skatepark was once Boulder’s sewage disposal and dump area. Today, the 21,000-square-foot concrete skatepark paradise is a hub of street skateboarding with ledges, ramps, and boxes scattered around the park.

The original portion of the park was designed by SITE Design Group and opened in 1999. The 5,000-square-foot Evergreen addition to this skatepark was completed in 2021 and adds some more flow, streets, and transitions to the park. Together these different parts of the park work well and feel like one unit.

Experience a free outdoor concert with ASCENT: A Boulder Soundwalk, an immersive, self-guided Covid-safe concert composed by Divya Maus for Ars Nova Singers and digitally installed in Scott Carpenter Park. Using the Echoes App on your mobile device, you can move through the sonic landscape to trigger different musical pieces as you walk along the trail. The hike starts from the Scott Carpenter Park Trailhead off 30th Street.


Scott Carpenter Park offers visitors a variety of recreational facilities including a pool facility, skate park, open turf field, and diamond field. The iconic Rocket Ship Scott Carpenter playground is also found here.

In addition to the playground, there is a splash pad that invites families to blast off for an out-of-this-world splash play experience. A rocket-themed FlashFlood is the centerpiece of this spray play design and is augmented by SprayStacker, GeoMisters, FloraSpouts, and JetStreams.

A free, interactive sound installation called ASCENT: A Boulder Soundwalk is a COVID-safe concert experience that allows listeners to discover each vibrant musical piece on their own self-guided tour. Designed by Divya Maus and performed by Ars Nova Singers, this active nature concert is made possible by pioneering technology that synchronizes sound with the movement of the listener. The experience is limited only by the park’s operating hours and eliminates the need to follow conventional concert etiquette. Guests can visit as often as they like during the four months it is in operation. Up next is Chautauqua Park.


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