Lost Gulch Overlook

Lost Gulch Overlook

Lost Gulch Overlook is a beautiful spot in Boulder CO for couples who want to elope! It’s super popular year-round and offers little to no seclusion, so ceremonies here require a permit through OSMP.

Also note, that open container alcohol and marijuana are prohibited on OSMP land. So if you’re thinking of toasting here, just bring sparkling cider! See our home page.


Lost Gulch Overlook is a favorite sunset and sunrise spot in Boulder. It’s a quick hike from the parking lot, with stunning views of the forested foothills and mountains below. The rocky overlook is also a popular spot for engagement photos, senior portraits, and elopements.

It’s important to note that you need a permit (for any wedding with guests or professional photography) from OSMP if you plan to exchange your vows at this spot. However, if you only want your elopement photos at Lost Gulch Overlook then you don’t need a permit (unless you’re getting paid for your photos).

There are 24 parking spaces in the lot at the trailhead for Lost Gulch Overlook. Non-Boulder residents have to pay a $5 parking fee. There are rangers frequently patrolling the lot, and you’ll need to have exact change on hand. The best time to visit Lost Gulch Overlook is in the spring, summer, or fall when the weather is milder and wildflowers are in bloom.


The trailhead for Lost Gulch Overlook is easily accessible from the city of Boulder. Simply head down Baseline Road through the heart of the city and turn west onto Flagstaff Mountain Road. You will soon find the parking area on your right-hand side. Parking for non-Boulder residents is $5 per day. There are rangers who check the lot often, so be sure to bring exact change!

This spot is very popular for people proposing and doing elopement photos. As such, it can get very crowded on weekends, especially during sunsets. It’s a great place to disconnect for a bit and take in the beautiful views of the mountains and the forested foothills.

Keep in mind that this location does not allow chairs, arches, or any other decorations at the overlook. Also, your photographer must have a photo permit with Boulder OSMP in order to photograph you here. You can learn more about photo permits here. Visit another area in town here.


Unless you have a 4WD and snow tires, don’t head up this road in the fall and winter without being prepared. It’s a winding mountain road and can be tricky in the fall when the trees lose their leaves, and in the winter when it’s very icy.

You’ll want to hire a local elopement photographer who knows how to navigate these tricky roads. They’ll also be familiar with the Boulder OSMP rules and regulations so they can help you get a permit if you need one.

If you want a permit for Lost Gulch Overlook, your photographer will need to submit a form to Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks with all of your details. Your photographer will also need a commercial use permit and liability insurance. This is required if you’re planning an elopement ceremony or portraits for commercial purposes. It’s not required for private elopements or couples who just want to visit this gorgeous spot.


This is one of the best spots in Boulder to take photos of the city, forested foothills, and mountains beyond. It’s a common stop for sunrise and sunset views and has a beautiful rocky overlook. It’s also easy to get to and accessible for all skill levels.

This location is perfect for couples looking for a unique and epic spot for their engagement photos, elopement, or family portraits! It’s gorgeous year-round, but spring and summer are luscious and colorful while fall offers stunning foliage. Winter brings snow and ice, which makes it a bit more difficult on the switchbacks and rocky terrain but adds a beautiful element to photos.

Elopements at Lost Gulch Overlook are not allowed without a permit from OSMP. Your photographer needs to fill out the required paperwork in advance, have liability insurance, and submit a certificate of insurance when applying for their permit. Weddings with guests are also not allowed at this site, but there are several ceremony sites nearby that can be reserved for a full wedding with all your loved ones. Next article.


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